$100 off with code CNETTK09 – TACKLIFE GFP02 – 28 inch Fire Pit Table

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Lgnition check steps:

1. Electrode Wire: Whether it is inserted into the valve hole of the safety valve, only insert it to transfer the electric spark to the burner head and ignite the gas

2. Adjust the ignition needle, Remove the ignition cover, align the ignition needle with the air hole, and adjust the distance between the needle and the air hole to 3mm

3.Check whether the gas in the cylinder is running out. If the gas in the cylinder is almost used up, the gas pressure in the bottle will decrease, and the amount of gas delivered to the burner will not be enough. It will not ignite, so the tank or gas cylinders must be replaced


Because this table is designed as furniture, it can be used for two purposes, actually it does not need to wear a cloth cover, just put a cover provided and place it in the room when not in use is perfect! Its fashion design can add some modernity to your space. If you really need a waterproof cover, can be purchased on Amazon’s official website ^_^