1′′ Mini Chlorine Tablet – 25lb

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1″ Chlorine Slow Dissolve Tablets – 25 lbs (Trichlor) by Swim Clear

Having a pool is great, but having a pool with water that is crystal clear and that’s always ready to swim in, is even better. Keeping your pool water balanced and maintaining the correct levels of chlorine are the basics of keeping your water safe and sanitized. Chlorine kills bacteria, algae and other impurities and the 1″ mini tab is one of the easiest forms to use and gives you results quickly. This type of chlorine tab is 99% trichlor, so it has long lasting effects in the water and has built in protection from sunlight. As a general rule 1 mini tab per 2500 gallons of water three times a week should maintain a chlorine level of 2 to 3 ppm. Simply place the tablets in the skimmer  with the pump running and let them dissolve on their own or use a floater.  A weekly shock treatment should be done in addition to using the tablets to ensure that the chlorine levels stay consistent and your water stays crystal clear. For more detailed info on pool supplies and water chemistry please feel free to watch our pool school videos or give us a call.

Chlorine Tablet Quantities:  Also Available in 4 lb & 10 lb Buckets

Chlorine Tablet Features:

  • 99% Trichlor Chlorine
  • Easy to use
  • Intended for use in skimmer basket or floater
  • Can be used for weekly maintenance and start-up
  • Should be used in combination with weekly shock treatment
  • Highest quality pool chlorine on the market
  • No fillers – Does not add unwanted calcium to the pool
  • Dissolve without leaving a chalky residue
  • Stabilized chlorine helps prevent rapid dissipation from the sun

Chlorine Tablet Notes:

  • Always maintain free chlorine level between 1-3 ppm
  • In pools, chlorine works best when pH and alkalinity are balanced 
  • Use caution when handling swimming pool chlorine
  • Call if you are unsure about application or usage



Swim Clear

Pool Chemicals:

  • Pool Opening Chemicals

Use Swimming Pools

Other Name Tri-Chlor

Shelf Life No

Wait to Swim Chlorine Below 3ppm

Maintenance Details Below

Start-Up 1 Tab / 2500 Gallons


Function Sanitizer

Shipping 4lb / 10lb / 25lb

Application Skimmer

FedEx / ups Yes