3 Shank Subsoiler Ground Ripper Fits 3 Point Tractor Cat 1 & 2 Quick Hitch Compatible

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Brand: Titan Distributors Inc.


  • SOLID STEEL SHANKS: The 3 Shank Subsoiler Ground Ripper will have solid steel shanks. Its outer Shanks can be positioned 48inches or 40inches apart. While the depth of shanks is adjustable in 1.375inch increments. This lets you continue to use the Ripper without having to worry about the product breaking down and leaving your job incomplete.
  • LOOSEN COMPACT SOIL AND BREAK UP ROOTS: With the 3 Shank Subsoiler Ground Ripper, you can rapidly break the rigid ground. It is ideal for cultivating heavy and sticky soil as well as an excellent tool for working soil indepth and eliminates compacted soil.
  • HEAVYDUTY MATERIALS: This 3shank ripper is made of powdercoated structural steel. This means that it is not only strong and durable, but it will not rust or corrode even when left outside in the elements for long periods. This makes it an excellent longterm investment in equipment for all of your land leveling needs.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TRACTORS: This tool is made to fit tractors equipped with a Category 1 or a Category 2, 3 Point system. This type of connection is found in the reading of most tractors such as Kubota, New Holland, Ford and more and does not require rear hydraulics or a PTO. This attachment is also Quick Hitch compatible.
  • DIMENSIONS: The overall width of the ripper will be 54.75inches while the overall depth will be 27.5inches. It has 3 shanks with a height of 38inches. Its shank depth is adjustable in 1.375inch increments. Its shanks are replaceable and outer shanks can be placed from 40inches to 48inches apart. The overall height of the attachment body will be 45inches.

Details: The Titan Attachments 3 Shank Subsoiler Ground Ripper is the perfect tool for breaking the hardest soil and to get rid of soil compaction. Use this tool to work in rocky soil and it also works on the soil in depth. It is perfect for cultivation in heavy and sticky soil. The overall width of this subsoiler is 54.75-inches with a shank height of 38-inches. These are constructed using structural steel at the 3 point frame and support gussets. Its body will be made of powder-coated steel. The 3 point attachment is designed to permit connecting to both Category 1, 3 points as well as Category 2 hookups and is quick hitch compatible. The 3 heavy-duty ripper shanks are replaceable. 3 heavy-duty shanks break through tough ground and rip up roots with ease. Add this valuable attachment to your tractor today.FEATURES:- Fits tractors equipped with a Category 1 or Category 2, 3 point hitch- 3 heavy-duty shanks to break through tough ground and rip up roots- Powder coated steel to protect the grader from rust and corrosion- Kit stand for vertical storage included- Outer shanks can be positioned 48-inches or 40-inches apart- Adjustable top link and lower links to accommodate all Cat 1 & 2, 3 point hitches- Quick Hitch Compatible- Replaceable shanks available- Lower lift step pins includedSPECIFICATIONS:- Overall Height: 45-in.- Overall Depth: 27.5-in.- Overall Width: 54.75-in.- Shank Height: 38-in.- Shank Depth Adjustable in 1.375-in increments- 3 Point Hitch Type: Category 1 and Category 2- Top Link Pin Height Adjustable in 2-in increments- Lower Lift Pin Height adjustable in 2-in increments- Total Height of lift pins to top link pin adjustable from 12.5-in to 26.5-in.- Center to Center of Cat 1 Lower Lift Pins: 28.5-in.- Center to Center of Cat 2 Lower Lift Pins: 34.5-in.- Weight: 635 lb.