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About this item

  • ★LIGHT WEIGHT : The lightweight hiking backpack is very light weight and easy to carry. It helps your back feel better, because it spreads the weight to your waist and shoulders evenly
  • ★SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: The baby backpack carrier comes with 5-point seat belts are made of super soft material Perfect fit for the Kid Comfort Active, works great and gives you a little less worry that your going to hit your child’s head off a tree,which ensurey your baby fall asleep in it on multiple hikes
  • ★UV AND RAIN RESISTANT: The baby travel carrier feature with sunshade which provides ample coverage from the sun and rain ,at the same time your baby sits higher so he can see every step of the journey ahead. It is easy to be put the sunshade on or take it off really quick and easy
  • ★ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: The hiking carrier for toddler with seat and the footrests are height-adjustable, thanks to the height adjustment, the child always has a healthy posture and sleeping position in the child carrier. There is a washable and removable chin pad
  • ★EASY TO STORE: The besrey baby carrier accompany with lots of pocket space for diaper wipes, water bottles. It can totally fit the diapers, emergency kit, flashlight, light gear in there without a problem. Wide waist belt with small zipper pocket on the side , decent storage compartment under the seat ensure your storage demand

Product Description

baby backpack carrier

Lightweight outdoor children’s back frame

Let’s travel together! Don’t let traveling with your baby be your burden any longer. Look at the world with a cute baby on your back.

child backpack carrier

Product description

Brand: Besrey

Expanded size: 31cm * 70cm * 89cm

Minimum folding size: 44 cm * 18.5 cm * 33 cm

  • Fabric: Waterproof
  • Net weight: 2.5 kg
  • Storage weight: 3 kg
  • Cleaning: wipe and clean
  • Collapsible: foldable

Several questions about the product:

1. Is it suitable for babies of any weight?

The most suitable baby weight is around 15 kg and the maximum weight is 20 kg. It is recommended to babies between 7 months and 3 years old.

2. Is the rear frame heavy? Can i get it on the plane?

They can board the aircraft with you, and our rear frame can be placed on the aircraft’s luggage rack when folded. The product itself weighs 2.8 kg.

toddler carrier for hiking

Purchase notes

The first time you use it, the baby may not be familiar with the back frame and be afraid. The baby needs a cognitive adjustment process and waits for the baby to accept it before using it. When using the back frame, it is recommended that you adjust each joint first so that the waist is the most important force-bearing part, and it is relatively easy to find the best fit for you.

hiking child backpack carrier

baby carrier

baby backpack

toddler carrier for hiking

Five-Point Seat Belt

The shockproof seat belt is on and the protective pad is made of soft material to prevent damage from shaking and to keep the baby safe.


Removable awning. It’s also waterproof and windproof when shaded

Height Adjustment

The back three-speed adjustment can adjust the best position according to the person’s height to achieve the most comfortable state.


Comes with a pair of pedals sit and stand for a long time, feet fall, the pedals can give a place to baby’s feet. The pedals can be adjusted according to the size of the baby.

child hiking carrier

baby backpack carrier

toddler carrier

child carrier for camping


The very soft material prevents the baby’s head from touching the rear frame while walking and protects the baby.

Adjustable Straps

Both the hip belt and the shoulder straps can be adjusted. Pull the adjustment strap flexibly to adjust the center of gravity of the entire rear frame to the body shape and to hold the baby more comfortably.

Multiple Storage Bags

The back chair comes with several storage pockets, with the exception of the largest storage pocket at the bottom, there are storage pockets on the waist and back as well as on both sides.


This back frame can be folded, the smallest size after folding

baby carrier
toddler carrier for hiking

Technical Details