Premium Margarita Frozen Slushy Drink Maker Machine,110V

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Premium Margarita Frozen Slushy Drink Maker Machine

Looking for a margarita machine to take your margaritas and cold drinks to the next level? Our slush machine was made to store fresh juices or mixed drinks while slowly mixing them into a refreshing slush.

Equipped with strong plastic spiral mixers, the frozen drink machine will ensure that your drinks don’t turn into a frozen block of juice. This way, you can serve yourself a glass of frozen margaritas and have no problems dispensing it from the jar.

Our margarita maker range gives you the option to choose from 1, 2, or 3 jugs. You’ll be able to serve frozen margaritas to any party size, satisfying everyone’s thirst with the slushy maker.

best margarita machine

Best out of all, the slush machine is highly resilient and able to produce big amounts of margarita slushies for hours within a day. Give your friends and loved ones a reason to hang out a bit longer by serving them yummy drinks from your frozen drink machine!


BIG CAPACITY – Multiple pitchers of juices are not a problem for the margarita maker. You can put in 67.6 ounces of liquid in each jug, making just enough for a small get together or a huge party.

QUICK FREEZING – It will only take minutes before your favorite drinks turn into smooth slushy goodness. Be able to get the party started at any time of the day once you switch on your slushy maker.

MULTI-PURPOSE – This machine is perfect to use for any gathering or even when you just want to have frozen margaritas in your home. The heavy-duty build of the slush machine makes it good for restaurants, cafeterias, and bars to use for a very long time.


Voltage: 110V or 220V
Weight: 40, 65 or 95 kg
Dimensions: 230 550 800, 430 550 800, 630 550 800 mm
Bowl capacity: 67.6 oz/ 67.6 oz*2/ 67.6 oz*3


1x Margarita frozen slushy drink machine